Bethany L Douglas, Author, Christian Speaker

I want you to LIFT! What Do I Mean?

I Thought You Would Never Ask.

Do you know Jesus?

Are you Living Passionately for your savior?

nothing matters more in eternity than how you answer these questions. Dear one, if you do not know for certain, with 100% assurance that you belong to Christ, I would be horribly remiss by not showing you how to ensure your salvation. If you have a lot of ‘ifs’ in your life, then read the gospel page… right here, right now. none of this matters at all if you don’t know god.

My deepest desire is by showing my scars and teaching the lessons I’ve been taught by Christ, I can enable and empower Christians everywhere to walk boldly, intentionally, and fearlessly in their daily lives. I pray we seek for God Stuff in everything and that my own vulnerability and story will encourage others to live more fully under His wings. I want to help my sisters and brothers of all ages and stages of life to attain the highest level of obedience and blessing that they can achieve by following in Christ's steps. ~bethany