Praying God's Names- A Prayer of Commitment

To finish off our Praying God's Names series... let us end with a renewed focus on all that our great Father is. We have learned and praised Him, begged Him, honored Him over this summer. Now let us commit to Him as never before!  

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Praying God's Names- Jehovah Raah

He feeds me the bread of life. He gives me rest in Him. He leads me to quiet water so I may drink of Him until I thirst no more. He restores my soul. He guides me in righteousness. I follow His safe paths. His sheep am I.

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Praying God's Names- Jehovah Nissi

Jehovah-Nissi I Am Your Banner

Christian friends, we are in warfare; we are called to be soldiers. Our enemy has not flesh & blood, but is the spirit of unrighteousness manifested by Lucifer and his followers.

You, Jehovah-Nissi, are our ensign at the head of our line. You show us the way. You are our rallying point. You shine in the sun so we can see you, come to you, follow you.

Just as a standard goes before the army, you went before me. You fought the battle. You won. You are victory. As Moses raised his staff, Joshua & the Israelites prevailed in battle. Jesus was raised up on the cross for us to prevail in our battle. We war against a world that shows no fear or any respect for our God. You lead me to do what is right, what is good, what is holy.

My battle begins within myself. I fight against my selfishness, my rebellion, my pride, my hypocrisy. These sins, and others, must be conquered. I can’t do this on my own, but through your Holy Spirit enabling me, I win the battle. You are the Way to victory. Only you can win the war. You have won it already.

Let me come after you in that last battle when you descend from heaven with eyes blazing fire. Let me ride with you in that battle when you wear your crowns & white robe dipped in blood. Let me ride with you when you are called Faithful & True and your name is the Word of God. Let me ride with you, and the armies of heaven, dressed in fine white linen. Let me ride with you in that battle when from your mouth comes a sharp sword, when you rule & reign, when you tread the winepress of wrath and on your robe is written King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

You, Jehovah-Nissi, go before us to make war. You capture the Evil One and all his followers. You bind him & hold him captive. You destroy him. You show me the way to go. You shine before me high & lifted up. May I share victory with you as I follow you. For you, Oh Lord, are Jehovah-Nissi – my I Am Your Banner.

By Karen Guthrie November 29, 2008

Finding God In... GRIEF

“There is nothing left we can do; Hospice is the only option left.” Those words still rattle within my soul to this day. This past March those were the words spoken to me over the phone in regards to my dad. Let me paint the whole picture of this time period; my sister was in surgery having a 20-pound tumor removed from her uterus, my nine-year-old son was just released from the hospital after seven days, and I was emotionally and physically worn out. My dad had been diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) a little over a year ago, and things had progressed. In a matter of days, his MDS had turned to Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), and there was no turning back. At this moment God was the only one I could turn to while attempting to navigate which direction I needed to go.  

With a clear direction after heavy prayer, I knew exactly what I needed to do, head to Boston from Arkansas. The night I arrived he was in the hospital receiving his 5th unit of blood. I sat there, reached for his hand as I watched the blood drip drop by drop down the plastic tube knowing this was the only possible lifeline my dad had left. As the blood dripped, so did my tears. In this very moment, I felt a firm God nudge. I wasn’t there to just be with my dad; I was there to help him know Jesus and help him know that this was not “goodbye,” but rather “see you later.” My dad went to church as a child, but he and my mom did not raise my sister and me in the church at all. They saw the Christian faith as a checklist and not a relational entity. It was only eight years ago that I gained my relationship with Jesus, and my dad never wanted to hear any part of my faith story.


As I pressed in and enlisted prayers and advice from my Christian friends, one message stood out to me above the rest, “embrace this time, not just in the blessing with your dad, but seeing the veil as close as possible on this side of Heaven.” Let me be honest here, at that moment, I had no clue what she was telling me, but I went with it anyway.


During this time it felt like everything in the world was at a standstill. I would sit, chat, and care for my dad. We had a lot of uphill battles on this journey including finding the right Hospice group to meet his needs and what his doctor wanted for him. We went through five Hospice groups before finding a group that was meant to care for our family. There were no coincidences through this Hospice journey, just God’s fingerprints constantly around showing He was in control. It was almost as if God laid out a breadcrumb trail for us to follow to show us the path that would take us closer to Him along this road.


Within the first two days, the aide came to care for my dad’s basic hygiene needs. She was only a fill-in, and the regular one would be back in on Monday. My dad hit it off so well with her, and let's say this was not a comfortable area for my dad to listen to anyone. He was listening, they were laughing, and a connection had been immediately formed. To this day I am convinced she was an angel sent by God. She would talk Jesus and share amazing Christian songs with him. Little did we know at the time that she had even come back to work much sooner than she had planned after unexpectedly losing her 29-year-old brother just two weeks prior. In Massachusetts, this is not common to find someone so passionate and open about their Christian faith, but Liz, the aide, only spoke the truth, and my dad absorbed it. Then step in the Chaplain that not only was the Chaplain for this Hospice group but he happened to be the same man that had built a rapport with my dad at the hospital after all his stays. Between the three of us and the Lord, my dad came to know Jesus in his last days and it was such a beautiful sight. We have no doubt that my dad went right into the arms of Jesus on April 18, 2018.


Each step leading up to his journey to Heaven seemed to have a snapshot of, “only God” moments. My computer was completely shut down on one of these days, and loudly it began to play, “Christ alone; cornerstone, weak made strong, in the Savior’s love, through the storm, He is Lord, Lord of all.” (Shane and Shane, Cornerstone) Moments like these were constant; it was as if Jesus Himself was sitting in the room where my dad spent his last days, just adding love and joy to such a tough journey.


I miss my dad, more than I can even put into words. He was a rock in my life, and I don’t know how to do every day without him. But as I did get to live right next to the veil as my friend had shared with me, I wouldn’t have changed a single moment for anything. I have so many more stories I could share about the amazing love God graced us with through this time, but if I added them all, you might be reading this for at least an hour. So instead of you reading my post for the next few hours, I am going to share what I feel the most important words He has called me to share through this experience is; even in the rock bottom hard, open your heart and eyes to all the possibilities that could wrap around you. The sounds, the sights, the smells, the feel, the tastes of all things are so different when Christ is entirely residing in the moment, and we allow our world to stand still. Embrace the hard and know that He will shine a magnificent light when we allow ourselves not just be broken but to be His.








Praying God's Names- Jehovah Jireh

Jehovah JirehI Am your Provider

Provider for my soul, you see me from before creation & into eternity. Because you see, you know my need. You planned how to meet those needs and set them in place. They are available when I get to the place I need them. You provided Jesus, your Holy & Beloved Son, as the sacrificial atonement for my sin.

You supply, you give, you provide for my spirit by giving of yourself through your Holy Spirit. He lives in me. He enables me to know you; to see you. You give me cause to praise & worship you. You provide opportunities for service, enable me and show me the way to serve you.

You shower me with physical blessings. You provide my health, my home, my finances. You allow me use of your limitless resources. I have no worry for what tomorrow may bring. I can rely on you to provide for me each day. You provide for my future in this life & in the life to come.

You placed me with parents who loved me and helped me grow. You gave me a husband & family. You give me friends for social contact. In these ways, You provide for my emotional needs.

From before time to the end of time, you see, know & provide for every facet of my life.

You provide love, forgiveness and comfort. You alone in all of heaven and earth can completely provide for every aspect of me.

You are the great God. You are my Jehovah Jireh.

By Karen Guthrie November 4, 2008

Praying God's Names- JEHOVAH

JEHOVAH The Self-Existent One

You said to Moses, “I am that I am.” You have always been. You are now. You will always be. You are the Alpha & Omega. You are just in all things. You are righteous, compassionate & gracious. You are slow to anger & quick to forgive when asked. You punish evil. You abound in loving kindness. You are truth. You are love. You are life. All life is in You. You are Jehovah – the One who is. You are three in one: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. You are the keeper of your promises. You fulfill your covenant.

All I need is you, for you are Jehovah Who was & is & will be.

By Karen Guthrie November 1, 2008

Praying God's Names- EL SHADDAI

EL SHADDAI – Almighty GodThe All Sufficient One

"Hallelujah! For Our Lord God Almighty Reigns” – Rev. 19:6

Your power comes not from violence, but from all bountifulness. You pour yourself out for me; you pour out blessings on me. You gave your son for me. You give yourself, your very nature, to me. You breathe life to me.

I abide (rest) in you, and you abide (dwell) in me. You mould me to your pleasure that I may be used to bless others. I give up all of me that I may be full of you. Your power is demonstrated in my weakness and I say with Paul, “When I am weak, then am I strong”.

You restore my soul. You are my delight. I stand in awe of you. You are holy & righteous; your judgments are pure & just. You do no wrong; there is no evil in you

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come!” – Rev. 4:8.

Before anything was, you are. You hear me when I seek you. You are my understanding. You are my wisdom. You answer my prayers according to the motives of my heart.

You discern & know my heart’s cry. You are the unconditional lover of my soul. Your name is above every name. You, El Shaddai, are all I need. You, El Shaddai, are my All Sufficient One.

Praying God's Names- ELOHIM

To God and Father as ELOHIM

You are wonderful, Father. Your power and might brought the universe into existence. You created the huge vastness of space. You caused the microscopic molecules of the air. You made man, male & female, in your image. You love diversity – in the world, in nature, in people & personalities. You love your creation. You, Oh God, my Elohim, planned each detail of the world before you placed Adam in the garden. You provide all we need to be born and to live on this earth.

You knew me before I was born. You thought about who would be the right parents for me. You, only you, gave me life. You planted me in my mother’s womb. You nurtured me as I grew into a woman. You alone caused me to look as I do, think as I do, feel as I do. You had a plan and a purpose for me before you made the world. You made me to be your child.

You gave your Son for me – even before I lived. You called me to new life in you. You gifted me with your Holy Spirit. You grew my faith. You alone are worthy of my praise. You alone receive my honor. You alone deserve my devotion.

Continue, day be day, moment by moment, to breathe your Spirit on me

that I may worship & adore you, praise & honor you, obey & serve you, love you.

By Karen Guthrie September 15, 2008

Praying God's Names Series

I'm super excited to offer you all a new series by a dear sister-in-Christ of ours, Karen Guthrie. She wrote these almost a decade ago while going through Kay Arthur's book, Lord I Want to Know You, which is a study in the names of God. Having recently completed the book  myself, I can attest this book is amazing and these prayers that Karen is allowing me to share with you are powerful. Please join me every Monday, starting in June, for the next few months as we approach the throne and beseech the Living God through the many facets of His might character. You won't want to miss this! If you really want to press in, I challenge you to buy the book and go through the names of God yourself as we go through this series. Write down your own prayers to Adonai, El Shaddai, Yahweh, El Elyon, and more.

Below is her introduction letter to you all, please enjoy!


Dear Study Partner,

This collection of prayers began from the second chapter of the book, “Lord, I Want to Know You” by Kay Arthur. On page 11, she suggested that we write a prayer of worship to our creator, that we sing praise to our God and Father as Elohim. Our dear sister, Kathy Maberry, saw my prayer and asked me to share with the class.

Each week the Lord gave me the words to express what I learned from the study during that week. Your encouraging words led me to share the feelings that I had written.

I thank you for your quiet listening, encouraging words and thanksgiving expressed each time I shared with you. I am humbled by your kindness toward me and I pass the praise on to my God who gave me the words and the opportunity.

I pray that I am within the Lord’s will in writing these and in sharing them with you. May they bless you as you read them. And, may you write your own prayers to our God. Prayers of praise and worship that come from your heart are, I know, dear to the Lord.

Thank you, again, for loving God by loving me. God bless you.

Karen Guthrie January, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

…and with it new growth, new opportunities, new life, and new possibilities. If you’re anything like me, after what feels like days upon days of sunless winter skies, Spring feels very much like the proverbial breath of fresh air. We find ourselves searching for those newly-green sprouts shooting out of the ground, knowing that the early daffodils and hyacinth are close behind. We open windows on the warmer days, filled with sunshine and relish the warmed, cleansing air that the breeze brings. We breath deeply of the rain-soaked air after spring showers, knowing that much-needed moisture will help bring fresh greenery. Yes… we love spring. We yearn for spring.

Our souls are no different. So often life seems feels like this as well, regardless of the season. Work, school, family, relationships can grow stagnant… sunless if you will. We long for something- anything that energizes and puts fresh color into our days. We want spring for our souls too. We want that pop of a new hue and fragrance that puts another, fresher, earthier aroma into our lives. So often our days, emotions, heartaches grow dull and gray- we need an infusion of warmth and colored vibrancy. In short, we need revival. Deep, gut-wrenching, radically altering revival. Much like a field of blossoming flowers can alter the landscape dramatically, we need the same for our dreary souls.

Jesus is that change! He brings change both physically in the earth, bringing the new seasons, as well as Refresher of souls. Scripture never tires of telling us how much goodness and revival Christ can and does bring to us. God is as faithful and reliable as the changing seasons. We never doubt that spring will follow winter and summer after spring. This regularity of seasons is unchanging (though sometimes may feel like it takes forever!) God is no different. The Refresher of our souls can and will bring fresh air into our lives as well. Check out some of these verses about God refreshing us. He promises to do it! Ask and receive it today dear ones!

Acts 3:19 teaches us to “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.”

The Psalmist praises in chapter 19 verse 7, “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.”

Psalm 23:1-3 celebrates, “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.”

Spring showers? “You gave abundant showers, O God; you refreshed your weary inheritance.” Psalm 68:9

God promises in Jeremiah 31:25, “I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”

If today you are weary, in need of some color or a breath of fresh air, forlorn and feeling forsaken, tired and in need of a change of season turn to Jesus! As He brings the spring rains to the earth, so also will He bring the refreshment we all so desperately need. He is our color-painter, our water-bringer, the season-changer, the temperature-warmer, and our soul-provider. Let Him change your season today!