An Open Letter from God

Do not fear! I am with you. I love you and walk with you. I will never leave you. Situations and circumstances may change, but I will never change. Lean on me for strength... I will strengthen you for every task. For I go before you. I will not leave you. I know every desire of your heart. I want to be the  JOY of your life. I will satisfy your every need and desire in my perfect timing. I will anoint you. I will show you when to speak and when not to say a word. I love you. You are mine. The plans I have for you are great! Trust me. Every step you take I have already gone before you. Let my shoulder be the one you rest your head upon. Lean on me completely... Do not worry- just trust and pray. Tell me everything. I will guide you and give you wisdom. The things that frustrate you... Tell me and no one else. I will give you insight you need to find resolution. Know that I see you and haven't forgotten you... You are not alone. I am here, closer than you think... As close as your next breath. Do you really need me? Why do you wait so long to find me? Why do you run to others? Am I not faithful? I will be faithful to you... You must first look and want my faithfulness. I've placed you here for this time, this season, at this location. I know it's too much for you to do on your own... But I never intended you to do it on your own. Depend on me. I am here. Lean on me. I will do the work if you'll just be willing to let me. I want you to hear my voice as clearly as you hear me right now. I want to tell you things, but I need you to listen. I need you to find more time to be still before me. When you draw near to me- I will draw near to you... That's when you will hear and find me. You want to hear me... Are you listening? You want to see me... Where are you looking? You want to touch me... Are you reaching? You want to please me? Why do you look for others approval? Transition is coming and I have great plans for you. Yield to me and I will do great things through you and in each area you touch. Do not grow weary, but depend and lean on me. I love you and I am closest than you'll ever know. I know the burdens and worries in your heart. I'm taking care of them one at a time. I'm preparing you for what I've planned and my timing is perfect. You can trust me and put your guard down with me. I know what you really carry, let me carry it for you. Don't forget to dream. Continue to seek new visions, more creativity and ideas for what's ahead. I'm going to move and I am going to use you! I will give you favor and I will do mighty things. I've already started using you in ways you do not see! Trust me. Depend on me. Rest your head on my shoulders and I will carry you. I love you so deeply and I want you to remember that I am closer than you realize. I'm in your heart. I know your insides and outs... I know you deeply, but I want you to know me in the same ways. I love you,



(given to me with permission to share by anonymous)

The Father Who Delights

I’m one of those Christians who is super great at checking boxes. Quiet time  Went to church Prayer time  Time in ministry 

I’m not necessarily legalistic, but I can tend to measure my spiritual life by how many boxes I’m able to check during my days. Not that they’re not good, and meaningful, and worthy; but too often I feel guilty if I think not enough ‘work’ for the Kingdom and in myself is being done.

I love that my God is merciful- I need His mercy. I love that He is gracious- I cherish His grace. I love His love for me.

But sometimes I forget that He actually LIKES me too. For a sinner like me that part of His character is often one that I don’t contemplate and rest in enough.

Yes, God loves us.... but He likes us too. In fact, scripture tells us He DELIGHTS in us. Ponder that for a minute.... it’s kind of an amazing thing if you think about it.

There’s a song that we sing at the closing of each term at Camp Barnabas (a Christian Camp for disabled kids where I work). I cry every time at the words as the staff sings these verses over their beloved campers; sending them back into an often harsh world. My prayer every time is that these souls cling to the truth in them- it’s taken from Zephaniah 3:17

For the Lord your God is with you. He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will comfort you with His love, And He will rejoice over you in song.

These words ring just as true for me and for you. God delights in us. He rejoices over US. He just plain LIKES us.

If you’re anything like me, that’s a wonderful (and hard!) reality to accept. But it is true all the same. Take heart, draw in close, and revel in the fact that Yahweh, Almighty God, Abba Father likes you!