I am thrilled to feature some amazing sisters in Christ over the course of this summer for a series we're calling Finding God In...

This series will examine how these ladies have found and are currently finding/seeing God in various seasons of dryness. Whether it be grief, depression, miscarriage, chronic pain, and many more- these ladies will be sharing their very personal journeys with you. Some are still knee-deep in these struggles. They are walking, talking exampls of how our faith-journey can look!

I cannot wait to see how God moves them and you during this summer together. Even in the hardest, most heart-breaking and confusing times, dear ones know that God is still there! These brave women will show you how they have found and have seen our Father in the darkest corners of their struggles... struggles that many of us have shared, are sharing, or may share in the future. Be in prayer for them as they all step out in honesty and rawness with you. It takes guts and grit to do this thing called Christianity! They are the epitome of what LIFT! Ministries is all about- Living Intentionally Fearlessly Truthfully!

We start next Thursday with our first post about depression. Stay tuned each Thursday!

LIFT! today dear ones!