Praying God's Names- Jehovah Raah

Jehovah RaahI Am Your Shepherd

Jehovah–Raah is my shepherd. His sheep am I.

He feeds me the bread of life. He gives me rest in Him. He leads me to quiet water so I may drink of Him until I thirst no more. He restores my soul. He guides me in righteousness. I follow His safe paths. His sheep am I.

When I walk through shadow places and dark times, I fear not for He is with me. I have no defense but Him. He destroys my enemies. He draws me back to the Way. He speaks and I know His voice. His sheep am I.

He supplies all my needs. I have abundant life in Him. He anoints me with His Holy Spirit. He pours out His blessing on me. His sheep am I.

His goodness & mercy follow me all my days. I will dwell with Him forever. He is Jehovah–Raah, the Good Shepherd. His sheep am I.

By Karen Guthrie December 31, 2008