Hello and welcome! I am so glad we found each other!

Join me today, grab a beverage of your choice, and take 5 minutes to seek Abba together. Take that much-needed break, quiet your mind and your heart, and let’s find some GodStuff in the ordinary everyday. I hope you find this website encouraging, convicting, heart-warming, compelling… whatever you need to be nourished right now. I pray the Lord will feed your soul as you wander around! Take a look, browse about. There are tons of resources, prayers, ways to keep in touch with each other, and words from my heart within these pages.

My deepest desire is by showing my scars and teaching the lessons I’ve been taught by Christ, I can enable and empower women everywhere to walk boldly, intentionally, and fearlessly in their daily lives. I pray we seek for God Stuff in everything and that my own vulnerability and story will encourage others to live more fully under His wings. I want to help my sisters of all ages and stages of life to attain the highest level of obedience and blessing that they can achieve by following in Christ’s steps.

In short, I want you to LIFT!

What do I mean? I thought you’d never ask!

Living Intentionally Fearlessly Truthfully!


Are you Living? Like with a capital ‘L’ Living?

Are you Intentional? Do you feel tossed about by the waves of life? In your daily life, your relationship, your walk with Jesus, your career, you own health?

Are you Fearless? So many of us aren’t! (For those that may need some extra help in this area check out my new release, Helicopter Mom, where we’ll face fear head on and drive it into oblivion. It’s time to be FIERCE instead of fearful! #shamelessplug Go here to purchase!)

Are you Truthful? Are you honest with yourself? Your spouse, your family, your friends? Can you say you are living uprightly (righteously) before our Creator?


Unless you were able to answer all those questions with a resounding YES! then you’re in the right spot! I can’t either…. But, together, we can certainly muddle through this life God’s called us to. Side-by-side, sister’s in Christ, warrior women for Yahweh- called, anointed, entrusted, and passionately seeking Him together.

Let’s DO this! Let us LIFT!



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